Quirky ways to use your Cornwall conservatory

Quirky ways to use your Cornwall conservatory

Conservatories can be a great source of joy for your home, providing sunshine, a gateway to the outdoors and a versatile living space. At Atlantic, we’re big fans — and our happy customers and successful business are testament to our conservatories’ quality and enjoyability! 

Many of us are at least a little interested in fitting a conservatory, but struggle to commit to taking the plunge. Often, this isn’t because of a lack of funds, but because we can’t imagine what we would use our conservatories for! Most of us already have a fully-functioning house, complete with living room, kitchen, bedrooms and anything else — so what would we use a conservatory for?

This article is our guide to finding life-and-home-improving uses for your new (or old!) conservatory. Some of them are perfectly sensible. Some of them are a little wacky. And others might go well if blended together. Above all, it’s your call. 

Here goes.

A glass bedroom

Using your conservatory as a bedroom might sound like trouble – sweltering in summer, freezing cold in winter, too bright in the mornings and lit up like a christmas tree at night – but this only really applies if you do it badly. All of these problems are perfectly solvable, with the right kit and the right conservatory. 

First off, modern, well-fitted conservatories and orangeries with A or A+ rated glass don’t leak heat anywhere near as badly as old-model ones. You can even fit Solar Elite glass, which captures the sun’s light and emits scarcely any heat. With a little ventilation or central heating, a quality conservatory can be comfortable, whatever the weather. 

Secondly, a well-designed conservatory should “plan in” features like curtains and blinds in advance, allowing you to keep the light out or in with style. Think about it — a conservatory bedroom isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you!

At Atlantic, we only use glass that’s been rated A or higher, and we’re always happy to take our customers’ plans into account – have a look at our bespoke conservatories for inspiration.

A cinema room

Conservatories can make fantastic luxury lounges — all it takes is a few plants, a coffee table, a comfy suite and some friends or family as guests. However, most of us already have a perfectly serviceable sitting room in our houses anyway. Why would we need another one?

Luckily, adding just a few extra features can distinguish the two nicely. For instance, keeping a television, games console and hi-fi in your conservatory marks it out clearly as a cinema/games room, with your other living room reserved as a relaxation and reading space for grown-ups. Think about it!

An indoor swimming pool

This may lie out of bounds for most of us, but who knows? Why not consider fitting an indoor swimming pool inside your Cornwall conservatory?

If you’re already thinking about fitting an indoor pool,there isn’t much stopping you from fitting a pool inside a conservatory. All things being equal, a pool-conservatory offers a comparative advantage to building a whole new outbuilding for your pool, as well as providing ready access to the kitchen for refreshments! 

We should add that fitting a pool is quite a commitment, with ongoing costs and a good-sized initial outlay. Do it right, however, and you’ll feel like you’re in the lap of luxury!

Home gym

Need a pleasant place to pump iron or grind out miles on an exercise bike, but don’t feel like cluttering up your house or dragging your gear out to the garden? You could convert your conservatory to a home gym!

Offering a pleasant view of the garden, an airy feel and a feeling of separation from the comings-and-goings of the rest of your home, your conservatory is perfect for working up a sweat. And once it’s all finished for the day, there’s nothing stopping you from rolling up your yoga mat, stacking your weights and flopping onto an armchair to work from home or enjoy a magazine. 

Just watch those windows with the end of your barbell!  

Pet room

Cats, dogs and other pets love to bask in the sun, so why not let them move into your conservatory? Many of us like to put clear boundaries in place for where our pets can and can’t go, as well as giving them plenty of entertaining toys and easy access to the outdoors. 

For all three of these things, the conservatory is the perfect place. Your pets will hardly want to leave the airy, sunny space and you can fit a dog or cat flap to your conservatory door. For other pets like gerbils, ferrets or snakes that like to sleep in the daytime, you can leave them in your conservatory to bask in the warming sunlight. 

If you don’t feel like giving your whole conservatory over to your pets, that’s understandable. Instead, you could designate a corner as your animals’ territory, giving them a comfortable place to rest and sunbathe.

Library/reading room

Want to add a touch of sophistication to your home? Add a few bookcases to a tastefully decorated conservatory and stack them with your favourite classics. In a conservatory, you’ll never be angling your book to catch the light like in darker interior rooms, and you can sit sipping tea amidst your plants like you’re in an advert — life’s good! Just make sure you have UV filters fitted on your class to avoid the spines of your books fading in the sun.

Kitchen extension

A spectre is haunting the UK’s housing stock — the spectre of small, cramped kitchens. Many of us would love to extend our kitchen if it was practical and affordable, but unfortunately it usually isn’t. 

That’s where your Cornwall conservatory comes in. We’re not really suggesting you move your cooker and fridge into your conservatory — more that you use your conservatory to extend your kitchen’s floor and worktop space, making it roomier, sunnier and more of a joy to work in. You can even reserve the other part of the conservatory for leisure, creating an attractive multi-level space.

How to upgrade you conservatory to use it all year round

The key to unlocking your conservatory’s versatility is a quality build with quality materials. Older, less insulative models simply won’t be pleasant to use in the hottest and coldest parts of the year. 

Luckily, there is a halfway house. You can spruce up your old Cornwall conservatory with a variety of affordable measures, as detailed on our website

Got an old conservatory you’re looking to revamp, or interested in fitting a new one? Why not give us a call — you could even bounce some ideas off us!