Top tips to keep your patio door secure

Top tips to keep your patio door secure

Nothing is better than patio doors when you want to bring the outdoors inside and flood your home with natural light. But with all that glass, how secure are they? Most break-ins result from an opportunistic burglar targeting a side entrance — often because your front door and windows look too weak to bypass. 

Despite their appearance, glazed patio doors are designed to be highly resistant to everything from bad weather to forced entry. But it never hurts to make your home more secure. 

These are our top tips for keeping your home safe while enjoying the beauty of patio doors…

How can I make my glazed patio doors more secure?


It can take a thief just minutes to break into your home. And while burglary in the UK is declining, it makes sense to boost your home security against an opportunist.


Your patio door lock is your first line of defence. As a minimum, your doors should be fitted with a three-point locking system — ideally with top and bottom bolts on both your French doors

Our patio doors are built to Secured by Design standards with tough and dependable Yale locks fitted as standard.



If you want to boost your home security, your patio doors should be double glazed at a minimum. At Atlantic Windows, we fit toughened glass that is highly secure and break-resistant as standard on all our products. Your patio doors can withstand attempts at forced entry while being extremely energy efficient.


How can I protect my glazed patio doors from burglars?


The best way to protect your patio doors against burglars is to keep them well maintained. Check the patio door lock regularly to ensure that it’s functioning properly and that the door frames are secure.

In addition to your existing locking system, consider beefing up your security with additional burglar-proof measures. 

Patio door lock types with a central rail multi-point lock are ideal for sliding doors. Using an anti-tamper lock device or anti-snap cylinders will secure your home against lock snapping. If you have outward opening French doors, fit hinge bolts and mortice sash locks as a safety precaution.

It’s also worth checking your door latches — a burglar can quickly force a weak latch and gain entry in under a minute. Consider upgrading all your locks to the latest standards.

Smart security systems have come down in price. An outdoor camera that streams footage to your phone can be a great burglar deterrent. Fitting a glass break security alarm is highly cost-effective and will alert you to any attempts to break in.

Here are also some simple and cost-effective measure you can take:


  • Close blinds or windows to protect your privacy and prevent burglars from seeing what valuables you have
  • Always lock your patio doors and never leave the keys in the lock
  • Fit motion sensor security lights outside your patio doors that will trigger when someone tries to gain entry


What are the most secure patio doors?


Your patio doors should deliver functionality, protection and aesthetics. Whether you opt for French doors, Bifold doors or Sliding Patio doors, our security tips will help deter burglars for peace of mind.

Sliding or bi-fold doors with large panes of glass may seem vulnerable, but units with toughened glass will minimise the problem. 

French doors with no centre post are only secured to each other, not into a frame. If you love this classic style, choose a design that offers multi-point locking and snap proof cylinder locks.

Durability and strength are just as important as design when it comes to choosing patio doors. The more difficult your home is to break into, the more likely a burglar is to give up before they get inside. 


  • uPVC is incredibly long-lasting and easy to maintain. You’re unlikely to experience security issues because your door frames have failed
  • Aluminium frames are light but super strong. They’re unlikely to snap even under considerable force and are incredibly durable


There’s no foolproof solution to the threat of being robbed, so if you need help choosing the most secure doors for your home, our experts will be happy to help. 


Are French doors easy to break into?


Unfortunately, French doors are often targeted by burglars. Why? Because older style doors with no centre post are incredibly vulnerable and easy to force open. 

But with modern French doors, that’s no longer true. In fact, your patio doors can be highly secure when they’re built and installed by experts.

Homeowners love the natural light that glazed doors bring into the home. But they’re often put off, assuming that the glass makes them a security risk. 

Our double glazed French doors use toughened security glass and feature state-of-the-art locking mechanisms as standard. Excellent build quality and expert installation mean your beautiful French doors will keep your home well protected.


What to look for when buying new patio doors


If your old patio doors are putting your home at risk, it could be time to upgrade. Here’s what to consider when buying replacements:



Does your new door feature the latest locking technology? Is it manufactured to Secured by Design standards? Is the glass toughened to prevent forced entry? Look for new doors with a combination of security features and high-quality materials for the best performance.



A properly installed, high-quality door will stand up to anything, including opportunist burglars and poor weather. Choose a door created from an ultra-durable material like uPVC or aluminium to minimise maintenance. 



You could opt for a cheaper door with standard features. But will spending a little more be reflected in better energy efficiency and greater security? Sometimes peace of mind offers better value than saving a few pounds.


Work with the experts


At Atlantic Windows, we’ve been supplying and installing high-quality patio doors for nearly 50 years. Are you looking for highly secure French, Bi-fold or Sliding doors for your Cornwall home? In that case, we have the expertise and craftsmanship to create custom products to your specifications. Visit our Hayle showroom, browse our brochures or contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.